The PrecisionPath Consortium for Large-Scale Manufacturing


The PrecisionPath Consortium has released the Technology Roadmap for Large Scale Manufacturing!

Download the report here! Or go to the Technology Roadmap menu selection on this website to download the report.

The group is also gearing up for future research projects to be initiated later in the year. Metrology professionals from the large-scale manufacturing community who can commit to attending PrecisionPath technical meetings and conferences are urged to contact CMS Committee Chair Ron Hicks at or Dr. Ed Morse at

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Who We Are

The PrecisionPath Consortium for Large-Scale Manufacturing is an industry-driven coalition led by the Coordinate Metrology Society and UNC Charlotte.

What We Do

Our Team is Roadmapping the Technology Needs of High-Tech Industries that Manufacture Large-Scale, Close Tolerance Parts and Products

What's Up Next

The PrecisionPath Consortium has launched its Technology Roadmap for Large-scale Manufacturing. Download this important report today! For more information, contact Dr. Ed Morse at or Ron Hicks at