Advanced Manufacturing is critical to the economic well-being of the United States and the livelihoods of those serving in many technical disciplines. We’ve always been a nation of builders. We dream big, we make big…from ships to automobiles, airplanes to skyscrapers. That is why the PrecisionPath Corsortium is a big deal. It brings together the brightest minds in the field – technology users, managers, OEMs and software developers – to map out the technology requirements of large-scale manufacturers and determine the transformational solutions needed to move forward. They ask the hard questions. Where are the roadblocks? Can technology keep pace with engineering and manufacturing trends or breakthroughs? Can we push the envelope with what we have, or is there a need for new approaches to manufacturing and production?

This group of dedicated participants is headed back to the drawing board on July 25, with a third working meeting of the Consortium to be held at the 2016 Coordinate Metrology Society Conference in Murfreesboro, TN. A pivotal survey is in the works, and we need a huge participation from the industrial sector. Watch for the announcement about the survey and our upcoming annual report. A huge shout out to the leadership of Ron Hicks (CMS PrecisionPath Chair) and UNC Charlotte’s Ed Morse, John Ziegert, Antonis Stylianou, and Ram Kumar.

If you have an interest in participating in the Consortium, contact us at

“Big Ideas” are always WELCOME.

Belinda Jones, HiTech Marketing