The PrecisionPath Consortium for Large-Scale Manufacturing
API Laser Tracker

Photo courtesy of Automated Precision, Inc.

Kick-off Meeting at CMSC 2015 – July 2015
The PrecisionPath Consortium was formally introduced in July 2015 at the 31st annual Coordinate Metrology Society Conference in Hollywood, FL. The organizers, CMS and UNC Charlotte, hosted a kickoff meeting to introduce the industry-driven alliance, its vision and goals, how to participate, and its Roadmap for Innovation. The meeting was well attended by CMSC attendees and leading manufacturing companies, metrology OEMs and more.


Working Meeting #1 – Roadmap for Innovation, October 2015
The PrecisionPath Consortium held their Planning and Visioning Council during the Quality Show in late October at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago, IL. The first session of the meeting focused on refining the project scope and boundaries. The Council discussed the critical challenges in producing large products to precision tolerances, and then transitioned into identifying metrology technology families used by industry. This segment was followed by the team compiling the most important attributes of these systems for measurement and inspection.

The afternoon session progressed with dynamic group interactions and the use of sophisticated meeting facilitation technology to capture the input. The Consortium took up usage scenarios and amassed data on how portable metrology is being used to support diverse applications across different disciplines. The group proceeded to pinpoint sources of expertise and data for use in the roadmapping process, and firmed up the framing and vision of the PrecisionPath Roadmap project. The organizational structure and operational model were finalized, and the meeting concluded with the election of a Board of Directors and an overview of marketing objectives.

Representatives from many leading manufacturing companies attended the meeting including Siemens, Lockheed Martin, Spirit AeroSystems, Brookhaven National Labs, The Boeing Company. OEMs and metrology service providers also attended the meeting including Automated Precision (API), New River Kinematics (NRK), Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, ECM Global Measurement Solutions, Nikon Metrology and Planet Tool and Engineering. Consortium organizers are Ron Hicks, CMS AMTech Chair and UNC Charlotte representatives Ed Morse, John Ziegert, Ram Kumar, and Antonis Stylianou. Other supporting attendees included Tom Lettieri, NIST; Danuta McCall,; and Belinda Jones, HiTech Marketing.

The following report has been released by the organizing team: Download the report


Nikon LR

Photo courtesy of Nikon Metrology, Inc.


Working Meeting #2 – Roadmap for Innovation
The second working meeting of the PrecisionPath Consortium was held February 24 – 25, 2016 at the UNC Charlotte Center City building, 320 E. 9th Street in downtown Charlotte, NC. This well-attended gathering was a continuation of their Planning and Visioning Council meeting held in late October 2015. The team discussed critical production challenges and metrology system attributes, and continued to solidify the framework of the PrecisionPath Roadmap. As the meeting concluded on Thursday afternoon, attendees were able to tour the UNC Charlotte metrology laboratories in the University’s Center for Precision Metrology (CPM) and Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC).


Working Meeting #3 – Roadmap for Innovation
The third working meeting of the Consortium was held during the Coordinate Metrology Society Conference from July 25 – 29, 2016 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Murfreesboro, TN. During the meeting, several key areas were discussed including the roadmapping process, workforce issues and data management challenges from fusion to interoperability. Team leaders were selected and deliverables were outlined for the October focus group workshop. A brief discussion was held on the early survey results and the need to engage more industry partners and CMSC attendees. The consortium continues to grow and interested metrology professionals from the large-scale manufacturing community who can commit to attending PrecisionPath technical meetings and associated conferences in the next two years are invited to contact Ron Hicks, CMS Committee Chair at